Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4 Key Solutions to Permanent Weight Loss - Appetite Control, Nutrition, Burning Fat & Energy

4 Key Solutions to Permanent Weight Loss - Appetite Control, Nutrition, Burning Fat & Energy.

I may have piqued your interest, maybe I haven't. If you are searching for a solution to your weight yo-yoing woes, you need search no more.

I was watching the news tonight here in Cairns, lovely tropical evening, as per usual, when the news reader announced that - scientists believe they've found a revolutionary way to treat obseity in 'rats', as they do - now they are just waiting for approval to test 'us', as they do.

Just about everyone you know, or your friends know, even friends of friends are on a diet again and we all know that most diets fail! Have you ever wondered why? It's because most approaches fail to address the four key solutions to permanent weight loss:


    Appetite Control

    Problem: Over eating or unhealthy snacking!

  • Eating too much
  • Eating too much “fast food”
  • Eating the wrong kinds of food
  • Slow metabolism
  • Eating processed foods with chemical additives that may impact metabolism



Problem: Don't eat enough
fruits and vegetables!

Do you eat 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday? Just as we have four basic food groups, you need four basic components to help you achieve your goals.

  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Green Nutrients
  • Enzymes & Essential Fatty Acids

We just can't find the time to eat all
the healthly, raw foods we need each day!


Burning Fat

Problem: Storing Excess Fat

When starting a new weight loss program, most people make a decision to eliminate excess body fat by cutting out many foods that are unhealthy--such as high calorie foods, refined carbohydrates and fats. However, you must make sure that you are eating enough of the right fats.

Cutting out food doesn't always
get rid of the excess body fat.



Problem: Too Tired To Exercise -
Don't Have Any Energy!

Sometimes we just don't have the energy to exercise or even make it through the day!

Phew, I can feel your exhaustion from here having just read all this information, thinking yeah, yeah another 'ritzi ditzi' system of shakes, cookies, pills and potions that cost a fortune and as per usual don't work.

Well, I can't promise you that it will work for you. What I've discovered over the years for myself, having yo-yoed dieted, killed myself at the gym doing a variety of Aerobics, weight regimes, computerised equipment, is you have to have the mindset of;

I want to lose weight

I want to fit my clothes

I want to look at myself in the mirror

I want to like myself again

You want to contact me so I can help you achieve your goals

To your Permanent Weight Loss Success
Julie McClelland



Leroy Whitekiller said...

People get ready to lose the weight! Get in touch with Julie, she has something here you need. Thanks for the info Julie, I'm down 15 lbs in the last month from using this system!

Linda Britt said...

AWESOME BLOG...........This will get everyones attention...

Linda Britt

Janice Warburton said...

Hi Julie
This is great information no wonder I have struggle for so long with my weigth
Janice Warburton

Laura in KY said...

Great Points! Finding ways to incorporate healthy foods in a fast-paced and hectic schedule without running out of energy isn't easy.

I'm always looking for good ideas to make healthy choices quick and easy.

Your Friend in the Kitchen,

Rita said...

And... sitting at the computer all day long doesn't help. I should probably be sitting on one of those rubber balls! :-)

phillip skinner said...

Hi one n'all ... I feel really sorry for folks who can't get out of the wrong foods to be eating bad habits yup my hands up I'm one of them ... I have never really been plump for want of a better word ... though now I'm into my late fifties I can easy get a fat stomach no point in mincing words so my life long ambition is being achieved thanks to finding an exercise thats fun to do folks thats the key losing waight ongoing has to cost you time so it should be fun fun fun to do huh (-;
All my best to you and your fun
Phillip Skinner

Omar said...

Hi Julie,

You have some wonderful tips here. Not just about losing weight, but about eating healthy and staying healthy overall.


Brenda Bunney said...

Love your blog! These are all great tips for me. Thank you! I needed this!

Our habit of processed foods and sweets is NOT a good one!