Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cleanse - Mind and Body

Cleanse - Mind and Body

In todays fast and action packed pace of Work, Kids Taxi Service do you not find it surprising that we feel depleted and in need of a
'cleanse of your mind and body'?

We are all trying to;
  • operate businesses from home,
  • go to work,
  • juggle kindergarten, school, after school activities the list goes on...

Here's an idea that's helped lots of people in their work, businesses and personal life to clear the chatter and clutter from their minds, to feel rejuvinated / reinvented / healthy again. You will also learn that;
  • You're perfect just the way you are
  • We all need our batteries re-charging - physically and mentally
  • Re-program yourself with our 30 Day Mental Cleanse
  • What we offer is 'free'

Here's to a rejunvinated you
Julie McClelland



EddieGarcia said...

The 30 day cleanse is wonderful and once you participate in it you realize it needs to be an ongoing practice in your life. Getting rid of all the chatter will definitely make a better person out of oneself. Thanks Julie!

Friends 4 Life!

Anonymous said...

Vital to our success just as much as food and water. We need to have a mind that is able to function freely from all the everyday negativity that surrounds us.Not to say it doesn't excist, but to prepare us to utilize the proper skills and succeed.Thanks for the post my good friend.Take care

Leroy Whitekiller

Rita said...

Yep... it gets pretty crazy at times, that's for sure.

I always wonder how single parents do it. I can't imagine what that would be like.

My days are not as hectic as they used to be. I made a decision to change the subconscious message that I had been telling myself, which was "I never have time". Well... if that's what you believe, you never will have time. I did a 30 day program to change that belief system, and it worked wonders. I now feel like I have time to do the things I want to do.

May Lehmann said...

Too bad, some people just don't follow through. Most of them give up half way and wonder why it isn't working for them. Cleansing one's mind and body is a must especially when we live in the world where junk food seems to be what we take on a daily basis.

phillip skinner said...

Hi guys great video excellent twist on a serious subject though with a little fun added water is the way forwards but its so hard to get the water drinking habit ... especially when you like wine like I do ... but I liked the way you explained it very well


Toronto realtor said...

Nice article - I believe the most important is the first step. We all know we need something like a "break", but we are so tired that we don't even have the power to stop. Thank you for the inspiration!

Pinay Freelancer said...

Your lack of success is not your fault. :) I like it because there are a lot of factors contributing to one's success. :) I like the idea of mental cleansing. I guess a lot of mlmers and bloggers need this. :)

Julie McClelland said...

Hi there Pinay - the Mental Cleanse is great, for everyone not just network marketers - I guess that's what's so good about it.

Bill Tessore said...

Hi Julie,

Sounds like a tune-up for the head. I guess when we think of our minds & bodies as the worlds most intricate machine this makes perfect sense.

I appreciate you,

Bill Tessore

Anonymous said...

The 30 Day cleanse is the best thing i have ever tried to do. it cleanses all the stagnant stuff in your mind and re freshens your mind to the best. it leaves you thinking like a winner every day.